Dr Keith Wimble - Director from 1992-2006

Speaking on behalf past directors, Dr Keith Wimble gave an account of the various projects undertaken to deepen the work of TVT in local communities and other parts of the province. He stressed the close working relationship the organisation had with local traditional leaders, traditional healers, schools and government institutions.

Dr Wimble’s tenure coincided with a period of rapid growth for TVT with projects that included pioneering the Community Health Worker (CHW) Programme (which eventually became national), GIS mapping of community resources, establishment of an office for Amakhosi in the Ethekwini municipality and many others.  

Referring to his personal experience of the organisation, he recalled, “I lost my brother and my wife. Friends visited and said we think you are too sad. We think we found a solution. Here is an advert for a charity called The Valley Trust. So I was brought here to be interviewed by Halley Stott and I was given the job. The Valley Trust gave me purpose and direction during a very dark time in my life, and I am forever grateful to it for that”.