The rural communities of the Valley of 1,000 Hills (“the Valley”) live vibrant lives as full participants in a democratic South Africa. 


The focus is on the communities of the Valley that are under tribal authorities, underserved in regard to public services and generally have low household incomes.  The organisation will extend its activities beyond the Valley as long as that does not detract from the work within the Valley.  The basic goal of the organisation is to activate (stimulate) and promote “agency” among the communities we work with.  We define agency as the capacity of communities or community members to make their own decisions, do things for themselves and determine the course of their lives.



To use health and other means to improve the lives of the communities of the Valley of 1,000 Hills.



The following are our key focus areas or strategic objectives:

Improve Knowledge of Health

Equip community members with knowledge to ensure the attainment and sustenance of good health.

Build Bridges for Service Delivery

Facilitate access of community members to available services and resources; act as conduit through which providers can deliver their services to communities.

Strengthen Households

Enhance the capacity of households as functional units with healthy and well-adjusted members leading to functional communities and broader society.

Economic Strengthening

Promote ways for individuals and households to increase incomes and meet their basic needs for fulfilled living.

Internal Sustainability

Ensure mobilisation and responsible stewardship of resources and capacity that support the survival of the organisation in the long term.