How long have you worked for TVT?

I joined TVT in 2018 as a Quality officer for the Woza Asibonisane Community Responses project. The program aimed at reducing HIV and Sexual Gender Based Violence Incidence, focusing geographically on micro -epidemics in particular informal settlements. 

What is your new role?

I later applied for the Property Officer post and started in the position in October 2019. My passion for The Valley Trust property began when I first entered the premises. I would like to believe it is the same passion that landed me the post. For the past year we have focused on revamping the place for it to generate enough income to sustain itself. I can say it has truly become a Property with a purpose. I have my hands full with this project and I have a great team to thank for the visible change that has taken place so far. From a place which looked like a back packers’ quarters to being a place where even our very own board members are proud to bring their family members.

Tell us a heart-warming story or encounter during your time at TVT?

A heart-warming encounter for me was when we organised a TVT property yard clean-up on 27th October 2020. We had great support from our invited partners. Tools and plants were donated, high pressure cleaning, sweeping, cutting back trees , clearing rubble as the team pulled together and worked hard. On the day I did not see TVT as the organisation but a community brought together by common love for the one place they call home. Amongst those was group of teenagers who seemed so dedicated, like minded and having fun as they worked, it wasn’t until later after the clean-up that I leant that they were from the Ubizo school of art students. The level of talent they possess is amazing but yet they were never too busy nor too clean to get their hands dirty instead they were amazingly humble, free, disciplined, full of fun and loving enough to dedicate their time to the clean-up.

What is your hope and vision for the valley communities?

My hope and vision for the valley community is for them to understand The Valley Trust is about them as the community, what is done by the organisation is for their benefit not the employees or board of trustees. We wish that one day after realising that fact, they could affect the whole of South Africa with the change brought on by The Valley Trust.