Memories and gratitude

Hlengiwe Msomi: Member of TVT’s Community Action and Advisory Committee (CAAC)

Mama Hlengiwe Msomi spoke on behalf of local communities and in her capacity as a member of TVT’s CAAC. The CAAC is separate from TVT’s Board of Trustees and is made up of leaders from various communities in the Valley. The committee meets with TVT’s leadership at least quarterly and advises on aspects related to project implementation in the local communities. It also participates in the recruitment of TVT staff, especially those who will work directly with communities.

Mama Hlengiwe shared, “TVT has done a lot for the community. Thank you to the Stott family for your vision. There were no roads, you got us roads, You created job opportunities. You were concerned about nutrition and taught us to start gardens. Schools were built with the help of The Valley Trust . As an educator I’m proud of the workshops and guidance given. TVT also helped us recognise the importance of sangomas and traditional healers.”

By way of conclusion, she referred to her current engagement with the organisation: “TVT staff are not selfish. They have assisted me with my NGO called Future Stars. We received food parcels from NMCF through them. We are grateful for TVT and the work they do in our community.”