Q & A with Sindi Mkhize-Monitoring, Evaluations and Reporting Manager

How long have you worked for TVT?

At first I joined TVT as a volunteer in 2008, I stayed with TVT for 3 months and left in January 2009. I returned to TVT in 2015 and have been with the organisation until now.

What is your role?

My official role is Monitoring, Evaluations and Reporting Manager. Over the past year I have also been working as a Project Manager (Acting).  This includes supporting the MER team, ensuring the data collected is collated, captured, analysed and reported to relevant stakeholders. I also support the evaluations taking place within programmes.

MER department usually takes in fresh out of school candidates and there is a responsibility of grooming them and ensuring they can secure better opportunities in future whether it is within the organisation or in other areas. 

As an Acting Project Manager, my responsibility is supporting project coordinators in ensuring the project is implemented according to the project plan,  the set goals and targets to get the desired impact in the community.  Also to ensure the continued and healthy relationship with our stakeholders. 

Tell us a heart-warming story or encounter during your time at TVT?

Heart-warming? What has been created at TVT is home away from home, this makes it very hard to leave.  Reading the success stories and the times I have visited the community it is very satisfying/ humbling to hear stories that our beneficiaries share about what TVT has done for them.

One specific story that comes to mind is when there was a family who was reported to be struggling by one of the Home Visitors. I remember how everyone pulled together, brought everything they could from groceries to clothes from their homes and it was donated to the household. They were very grateful. And moreover the support that was given to that family, almost everyone at TVT including the ED went to offer their support to the household. 

What is your hope and vision for the valley communities ?

Is to see the communities able to implement what the Valley Trust has instilled in them over the past years and learning to do these things independent of organisations but as community members working together


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