THANDA MCHUNU – Data Capturer

1.     How Long I have been working at the TVT.

I have been working at the TVT from December 2016-Date

2.     One of the exciting day at work

The most exciting day at my work was when my supervisor told me that I am going to Pretoria for training, they booked us a flight, and I was very cheerful as it was my first time getting on the plane.

3.     What I love about my work?

What I love about my work is that I am improving every day, my computer skills have improved, and I can now work with cbims and sales force. Moreover, our supervisor taught us not to fall behind in our work, we must finish deadlines on time without follow up.
The working atmosphere is very good and relaxed, and we are free to raise our point of views, no one feels belittled regardless of our position.

4.     Has your life changed since you became part of the TVT organisation, if so how?

Working at TVT has had a huge impact in my personal life. It made me see life differently. I was starting to lose hope for the future as my life was upside down, my desire as a high school student was to finish matric and go to university to study teaching, however things became very hard for me as I was doing grade 12. I nearly dropped out of school, as a result my matric results were very bad. Since then I was very discouraged in furthering my studies.
The only option I was left with was to find any job that could support my family as no one was working. By God’s m, I found a  job at The Valley Trust. Management encouraged us to further our studies and they granted us study leave. I then had hope and had a more positive perspective on life. I grabbed that opportunity and registered at UNISA. To me it was my dream come true that I have a job and on the other side, I can support my family. I am now doing my third year in Bachelor of Education, ALL THANKS TO THE VALLEY TRUST AND THE MANAGEMENT.

5.     What is my dream for the future?

With the skills I obtained while studying business management and project management, and with the knowledge I gained while working at the Valley Trust, my dream for the future is to  run a business or an organisation that will improve lives, health and well-being of poor communities. It melts my heart helping someone who is in need .

6.     Success story

From an early age I was very shy. Teacher’s at school had to beat me first if I were to answer in class as I preferred writing my answers. While working at The Valley Trust my supervisor used to encourage me to report in front of the staff. At first I was very nervous and felt like I could dig a hole and hide, but as time went on I got used to it  and my confidence grew.
I can now stand in front of people and speak without fear.

I was not believing in myself, I had a very low self-esteem, even when I applied  for the job and got shortlisted, I was very nervous for the interview and told myself that I had no chance. I am so grateful for The Valley Trust. I have learnt to have no fear of failure and learned to start everything with an end goal and a positive